I am

  • Sebastian Juel Hemmersam
  • 24 years old
  • Pba. in International Marketing and Trade
  • Owner of:
  • www.dinblaabog.dk
  • www.smartnotes.dk

Who am i?

Professional profile

I graduated from EAL the past sommer of 2018 with a Pba. in International Marketing and Trade. I have since then had an internship at a webbureau called SEO Partners, which ended december 18.

I had various tasks during my time at SEO Partners. Here including copywriting with the goal of captioning both the customers and the search engines.

I manage and co-own two small companies, which you can check out here:



Both sites is created in WordPress, and with the use of a pagebuilder plugin called Elementor. I builded both sites from the bottom up, and wrote every single word of the content. I am especially proud of www.dinblaabog.dk as it has climbed the golden ladder of Goggle from page 4 to page 1 on relevant keywords. The understanding of copywriting with a certain set of keywords in mind has definitely had an impact on the traffic to the site.

Furthermore, I have 5 years experience from Wilke Markedsanalyse A/S as a teamleader in a callcenter. Here, my main task was to ensure the validity of data collected, and to compose introduction to the surveys, to persuade the respondent to participate.

As a son of a danish teacher, I have always annoyed my friends by correcting their grammar and spelling. And yes. Typos do make my skin crawl. Though my danish grammar and spelling are better, I would still say that I am fluent in the english language aswell.

Personal profile

I am a young and outgoing person, who loves being a part of a dynamic work environment in the highest gear.

I value a work place with focus on the social aspects, as I feel working with friends as colleagues really boosts ones work ethic. With a risk of sounding too smug, I have on multiple occasions been praised by coworkers and staff of my good humour and empathy for others. These certain set of human qualities, made me a great teamleader at Wilke Markedsanalyse A/S and I truly felt it had a positive impact on the interviewers work ethic and results. Unfortunately, I never felt like being in the industry of market research the rest of my life, which led to my resignation in the spring of 2018.

I am very active in my sparetime, and love spending time in the gym and on the football field. I am also very aware of what i consume on a daily basis, as the diet is just as important as the hours spend in the gym.

I have had a bit of complain of the diet thing before though, when i pull out the 3rd serving of plain chicken and rice before 12 o’clock. But a healthy brain works better!

Furthermore, I am very proactive and structured and a pretty awesome foosball player.

I can definetly see myself as an online copywriter and hope that you would agree. I will look forward to hear more about the position!

Here, you can take a look at my CV and contact informations.